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Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
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Can you leverage what your competitors are doing?

Can you leverage what your competitors are doing?

Even if you have the most unique, one-of-a-kind product on the market, you have competitors. And it’s likely that said competitors are utilising email marketing to talk to their customers, release new products and host sales. While not all of your database will also be subscribed to your competitor's email marketing, it’s smart to assume that some will be. We recommend that you should be as well. We know it sounds crazy (and even a little scandalous), but it's one of the best ways to keep an eye on what’s happening. With this, you can then make informed decisions about your marketing strategies. 

How much should you leverage from your competitors, though? We’ve detailed our top tips below…

Write down ideas you like 

There is no shame or harm in taking inspiration from your competition (or even from other brands that you subscribe to). In fact, it’s a great way to diversify your email marketing and do something you may have overlooked. What’s important though, is that you remember to make it your own; ensuring to keep it on brand so your business doesn’t lose its identity. 

You don’t just need to write down ideas based on promotions or email topics that your competitors are having. Writing down or screenshotting email banners, themes, subject lines and layouts can all help.

Watch what they’re doing, and do something different 

Leveraging your competitor’s emails doesn’t mean copying them. It’s about seeing what they’re doing and trying to get a leg up on that. After all, staying on the front foot can help you differentiate yourself and stand out in the sea of emails that your customers are receiving.

If you notice that all of your competitors are holding a sale, for example, you can use this to your advantage! This may either be through holding a bigger and better discount. Or, you can hold off on the sales, and take a different approach, such as reminding people about your loyalty program. Once the competitors finalise their promotions, you can hit the ground running on yours, ensuring you have a clear runway to make as many sales as possible. 

Analyse frequency and timing

Have a look at when your competitors are sending their emails. Are you noticing trends? Maybe they only send them on Thursdays and Sundays. And maybe they’re only sending them after 5 pm. There is usually a method to the madness, and it’s definitely something you can leverage (or use against your competition). 

If you are noticing trends in their send times, try giving those send times a go within your database. It may open doors to opportunities, such as increased sales, that you may have missed previously. Remember, though, that trying and testing are key to understanding your database. So, what they’re doing won’t always be the solution for you, but it can help you to get a better grasp of your audience’s preferences. 

You can also use timing against your competition by sending your emails slightly before or after their regular send times to ensure your brand remains front of mind. 

The Email By Design Team can help you get a leg up on your competitors 

We know it can sometimes feel like your emails are being drowned out by your competition, especially if they’ve only recently accelerated their email marketing strategy. The Email By Design team can help you analyse what your competitors are doing, so you can get the advantage you're looking for (and craving) within your database. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your business to new heights. 

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