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Email by Design. The name says it all.

In a world of generalist, full-service digital marketing agencies, we stand apart. We don’t try to do it all. We choose to do one thing extremely well. As our name suggests, our sole focus is designing effective eCommerce email campaigns, harnessing the power of Klaviyo

Our highly specialised services deliver real results for brands looking to increase revenue through the power of email marketing. We’ve helped hundreds of small Australian brands with custom email marketing and have developed an outstanding reputation for excellence and expertise.

Meet Annalise. The brains behind the brand.

I’ve been where you are. After more than 10 years of operating an online business, I understand the pressure to juggle all the balls, all the time. During that period, I discovered the power of automation to streamline operations, provide an outstanding customer experience and scale a brand. 

After helping a fellow business owner with their Klaviyo migration, I realised that most business owners don’t get to benefit from automation. While they know it will help their business grow, it often becomes another complicated job on their already bulging to-do list. 

I quickly fell in love with Klaviyo’s ability to generate revenue on auto-pilot. I also quickly realised its potential to help eCommerce brands harness email to increase sales and improve the customer experience. It wasn’t long before I trained to become a ‘Klaviyo Gold Partner' and I now help busy business owners enjoy the benefits of email automation

our email marketing services

We don't 'claim' to be specialists. We are.

We believe in working smarter . Not harder.

We understand first-hand how hard it is to run an online business. We’re here to ease the load and help you increase revenue without having to raise a sweat by leveraging the power of strategy, automation and knowledge.


We focus on getting to know you and your goals to develop a tailored strategy for greater success.


We draw on our knowledge of email automation and Klaviyo to streamline your marketing efforts.


We share our passion and skills to empower you and help you get more from your email campaigns

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