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Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
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Can you use stock photos in emails?

Can you use stock photos in emails?

Can you use stock photos in emails?

Brand photography isn’t cheap, especially if you have plenty of products that you need to shoot. Throw in the need for some lifestyle photos, and you’re looking for a bill that your small business may not be able to fathom. Consider using stock photos, the cheap and simple way to get your point across without spending a day (or multiple) and a lot of dollars shooting. 

Stock images have long helped brands, particularly start-ups get on their feet. They’re common on websites and on socials for their ability to tell a story and do the selling on behalf of a brand. But, in email marketing, the lines about whether stock is good or bad can be blurred. So, when can you use stock, and when should you avoid it? The Email By Design team is here to help. 

Firstly - can I use stock in emails?

Of course, you can. There is no limitation to what stock photos can achieve when used in emails. They may be able to help you create a beautiful header banner, or they may be able to help you create a lifestyle gallery/mood board. When you use stock well, it can become a valuable sales tool. Don’t forget, you can always replace stock photos down the track when you have product photography ready. 

When can I use stock photography? 

Stock photography can be used in so many instances in email marketing. Some of the ones we love include: 

In hero Banners

Need a basic textured background or an aesthetic for your email? Stock images can help create that background without costing you big money. Try overlaying it with your text, some buttons and maybe even your logo to personalise the image. 

Next to product images

Want to show people how your product or service will make them feel but don’t have the lifestyle photography to show them? Why not source some stock? Take an example of a business selling ice cream. Using a stock photo of people at the beach smiling can help communicate that enjoying your ice cream can fuel good times. 

When showcasing customer reviews

Adding faces to your reviews can make them feel all the more real, even if the faces aren’t of your actual customers. Popping a smiling stock photo over your reviews will make your brand feel more human. It may even help entice a purchase someone has been umming and ahhing about. 

To create a collage/mood board 

Just like placing stock images next to product images, mood boards can completely change how your email feels and is received. If your email is feeling empty and needs a little more, try adding a collage of stock images that resonate with the feeling you’re trying to create with customers to help them envision your product in their lives.

When not to use stock photography? 

For every good placement for stock, there is also a bad one. Some of the places to avoid stock imagery include: 

When selling your products 

Imagine purchasing a product based on how it looks, only for it to look completely different when you receive it. This is the disappointment you may create with your customers if you choose to use stock instead of product images when showcasing the features and specs of your products. Not to mention, this could get you in a lot of trouble due to false advertising. 

When introducing your team

Imagine if you see images of a company’s team, only to enter their building and nobody looks familiar. Pretty offputting, right? While it’s important to show your team in email, it’s important to remember that no photos are better than fake photos.

When all of your competitors are using product photography 

Unfortunately, the type of market we live in means that your customers will always compare you to others. If all of your key competitors are using real pics, it may be time to take professional snaps of your own. Otherwise, your emails may begin to blend in and not give you the competitive edge you’re seeking. 

Trust the Email By Design team to guide your email decisions 

There is a lot to consider when it comes to email marketing. Not sure if you’ve covered all the bases? Book a free 15-minute consultation with our team. We’d be happy to help.

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