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Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
Your Emails, Deliberately Designed for Results
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Keen to Try Klaviyo SMS?

Keen to Try Klaviyo SMS?

If you're in the marketing mix, you would have heard the exciting news that Klaviyo SMS is now available in Australia! 

Wondering if it's for you, or ready to dive in? As a proud Klaviyo Gold Master Partner, we're here to help your brand set up and explore Klaviyo SMS. 


But what if you're still on the fence about using Klaviyo SMS right now? The answer is, even if you're not quite ready or wanting to use Klaviyo SMS as a marketing channel right now, we do recommend you at least start collecting SMS opt-in consent on your forms and checkout now. This way you can start building a list of subscribers now. 

Curious about what steps you need to take? Let's break it down. Scroll down to see the SMS Checklist which details the things you'll need to action, and the things we can assist with when it comes to setting up SMS Marketing. 

Getting started on Klaviyo SMS Your Responsibilities

✔ Update your Terms of Service to include SMS language. Your TOS will need to be updated to include language about SMS marketing. Check out this guide to see an example of this.

Klaviyo SMS Terms of Service

✔ Update your Privacy Policy. Before beginning with SMS marketing, you must update your privacy policy to include key information on SMS sending. Click here to see a SMS Privacy Policy Best Practice Guide.

✔ Review consent guidelines. The SMS channel is strictly regulated by the TCPA and CTIA. Only profiles who have specifically opted in to receive SMS and have an SMS consent timestamp on their profile can be sent SMS messages. Phone numbers you have collected without SMS consent unfortunately cannot be sent SMS messages. Review the guidelines.

With the legalities out of the way, let's ensure your SMS content and strategies are up to scratch

✔ Review sending best practices. Review best practices for content, timing, and consent.

Understanding the financial aspects is just as crucial. Here's what you need to know about SMS billing with Klaviyo.

✔ Review how Klaviyo bills customers for SMS. This article breaks down SMS billing, such as plan information and the included sending numbers.

Lastly, don't forget the power of analytics. Here's how to set up tracking for your SMS campaigns.

✔ Setup UTM Tracking if you want to track results in Google Analytics. There is not currently a default SMS configuration in Klaviyo for UTM tracking. However, you can create a custom URL with UTM parameters in Google Analytics to track SMS conversions. Instructions are here.

Getting started on SMS - What Email By Design can help with

✔ Setting Up Your Sending Number (Please note that only account owners and admins will have the ability to add/manage sending numbers.)

✔ Configuring SMS Settings and Keywords

✔ Creating your SMS Lists and Segments

✔ Adding SMS Opt In to your sign up forms and checkout

✔ Sending a Email Campaign to collect SMS consent from existing email subscribers

✔ Creating an SMS Welcome Series for new SMS subscribers

✔ Adding an SMS Step in your Abandoned Cart flow and other flows of your choosing

✔ Sending SMS Campaigns of your choosing

✔ Analysing and Optimising your SMS marketing results

Klaviyo Suggested SMS Use Cases

Klaviyo recommends SMS be used sparingly and to complement your email marketing strategy.

For flows, they recommend a Welcome Series to welcome new SMS subscribers, and adding a SMS step into the abandoned cart series.

For campaigns, they suggest SMS be used to complement email campaigns, like in the example below.


Ready to get started? 

Contact us or Book a Call today to let us know you're keen to begin SMS Marketing!

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