Klaviyo SMS Set Up Package

$304.00 USD

This package is ideal for brands who wish to add SMS Marketing to their owned marketing channels. 

SMS by the numbers:

  • 85% of consumers prefer to text with their favourite brands
  • 90% of texts are read in just 3 minutes
  • 8x click through rate of SMS vs. email
  • 50% increase in owned revenue after adding SMS

This package can be completed for you in approximately one to two weeks depending on your business database. It includes a full professional Klaviyo SMS set up that is specifically designed so that you will very quickly increase your marketing revenue.

It’s best that your business operations are already very streamlined, as you will quickly see an increase in orders.

This package includes the following:


  • Setting Up Your Sending Number
  • Creating your SMS Lists and Segments
  • Adding SMS Opt In to your sign up forms and checkout
  • Creating an SMS opt in landing page
  • Sending a Email Campaign to collect SMS consent from existing email subscribers
  • Creating an SMS Welcome Series for new SMS subscribers
  • Adding an SMS Step in your Abandoned Cart and Browse Abandonment flows 
  • Sending your first SMS Campaign

Set-up Services FAQs

What’s included in the set up?

Our Set Up services include professional graphic design and copywriting, building out your flows, form and landing page design, list cleaning, audience segmentation, app integrations as well as consulting and strategising for the duration of the project. In addition, we help you send out one campaign and provide clear instructions for how to send out future campaigns. For Advanced Set Ups, we build out custom Shopify notifications to achieve email branding consistency through to your transactional emails such as your order confirmation, shipping confirmation and more.

What’s the timeline look like for this?

We can generally get your set up completed in 2-3 weeks! Once you fill out your onboarding form with which flows you want, our graphic designer and copywriter will work their magic. After you approve the design and copy, your assigned project manager will build out the work in the backend of Klaviyo and help guide you through the process.

Should I include discounts in my flows?

In our experience, we see certain Flows work their power more effectively with appropriate offers in place. They are most relevant for Welcome, VIP and Birthday Flow. Please specific which $ or % discount you’d like to give in each flow in your onboarding form.

I’m about to start a business, can you help me set up my emails?

Definitely! We would love to help you send amazing emails from the get go.

 I already have flows set up in Klaviyo but I want a bit of a refresher. Can you assist?

Certainly! We can give you a flow overhaul, or keep some elements that you like and upgrade the design and copy.

I currently do my email marketing on another platform, can you help me migrate over to Klaviyo?

 We are very familiar with this process and can assist your transition over to Klaviyo.

 I’m not sure which flows to pick! Can you provide advice?

We’re here to help! Book in a free 15 minute chat to discuss further: https://calendly.com/emailbydesign/15min?month=2023-11

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