Klaviyo SMS Set Up Package

$412.00 USD
Tax included.

This package is ideal for brands who wish to add SMS Marketing to their owned marketing channels. 

SMS by the numbers:

  • 85% of consumers prefer to text with their favourite brands
  • 90% of texts are read in just 3 minutes
  • 8x click through rate of SMS vs. email
  • 50% increase in owned revenue after adding SMS

This package can be completed for you in approximately one to two weeks depending on your business database. It includes a full professional Klaviyo SMS set up that is specifically designed so that you will very quickly increase your marketing revenue.

It’s best that your business operations are already very streamlined, as you will quickly see an increase in orders.

This package includes the following:


  • Setting Up Your Sending Number
  • Creating your SMS Lists and Segments
  • Adding SMS Opt In to your sign up forms and checkout
  • Creating an SMS opt in landing page
  • Sending a Email Campaign to collect SMS consent from existing email subscribers
  • Creating an SMS Welcome Series for new SMS subscribers
  • Adding an SMS Step in your Abandoned Cart and Browse Abandonment flows 
  • Sending your first SMS Campaign

Set-up Services FAQs

What’s included in the set up?

Our all inclusive SMS Set Up Package includes setting up your dedicated sending number, creating your SMS lists and segments, adding SMS opt in to your sign up forms and checkout, creating an SMS specific landing page, sending an email campaign to current subscribers encouraging them to sign up to SMS, setting up an SMS welcome flow, adding SMS touch points into your Abandoned Cart & Browse Abandonment flows and sending your first SMS campaign out.

What’s the timeline look like for this?

We can have all of this completed for you in just 1 week, taking the stress and load off your back.

Should I include a discount as incentive?

We recommend offering an incentive for people signing up to SMS, for example 10% off their next order.

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